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Industry 4.0 Minority Manufacturer Supplier Development

Develop and Digitalize Minority SMMs via the following Engagement Steps:

1. Transition Awareness and Change Management Challenges

2. Key Performance Indicators Benchmarking, Gap Analysis

3. In-Plant Operations and Workforce Assessments

4. Strategic Improvement Plan and Case Study Development

5. Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement Train Black Engineers to Conduct Minority SMM Assessments ice.

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Program 2

Conduct Industry 4.0 Minority Manufacturing Workforce Training and Credentialing

Basic Training Areas – Prepares individuals as operators and/or enhances skills of incumbent IT technicians, maintenance technicians, and others. it.

Advanced Training Areas – Prepares individuals to succeed in multi-skill maintenance technician positions in modern production environments that use Industry 4.0 technologies and automation.

Coordinate SMM Industry 4.0 Related Workforce Training Credentialing

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Program 3

Industry 4.0 HBCU Supply Chain Management & Industrial Engineering Student Integration

• Develop criteria, outreach plan, and operate National HBCU Student Library.

• Collaborate with HBCUs and other Minority Institutions (MIs) to support work experience and career development at SMMs.

• Collaborate with HBCUs and other MIs to support work experience and career development at MNEs.

• Direct funding of HBCU supply chain management and industrial engineering internship at SMMs.